Growing Cannabis Using Greenhouse Light Deprivation

13 Mar

Outdoor cultivation is one of the simplest ways to grow cannabis. Currently, there are other more effective ways of growing cannabis with the likes of greenhouses that are gaining popularity. You and your cannabis plants get to enjoy a whole range of benefits with the use of the greenhouse light deprivation method. With this technique, you can provide a warm climate, harness the power of the sun, and protect your gardens from the harsh conditions of the environment. In addition to these basics, getting year-round cultivation, controlled exposure to sunlight, and climate control benefits are what you get from greenhouses. Moreover, the use of greenhouses is cheaper than growing your cannabis indoors and produce more in a consistent manner than growing your cannabis outdoors.

It is important that you gain some understanding of how greenhouse light deprivation works before choosing to grow cannabis. When it comes to greenhouses, you need to understand that there is an explanation of why they can still stay warm despite the low air temperature outside. Such a process is commonly referred to as the greenhouse effect. Solar radiation is still able to pass through the transparent walls of the greenhouse thereby allowing them to heat up your plants and soils. In turn, energy is then turned to infrared radiation that cannot go out of the greenhouse anymore. The heat will get trapped and the air will be warmed. If you want to get a better picture of how greenhouses work, just observe getting inside a car that you have parked and have left under the heat of the sun.

The effect brought about by greenhouse light deprivation offers the cultivation of cannabis all year round. But then, cultivating cannabis can be a very demanding thing to do. So that your cannabis plants will grow all throughout the year, controlled exposure to lighting and adequate lighting are required. This is what having greenhouse light deprivation can provide you with.

Another benefit of using greenhouse light deprivation is that it can help recreate the life cycle of cannabis. For the seasons of fall, spring, and winter, the sun tends to stay lower on the horizon. This allows plants to receive less energy leading them to have a difficult time growing. In order for cannabis to grow, they should be receiving sunlight for more than twelve hours in one day. The production of trichome-rich buds is only possible in the cannabis plant when they get such amount of sunlight.

The use of advanced greenhouses is reason enough for light cycles to be controlled thereby allowing the cultivation of cannabis. Provision of a warm climate is not the only thing that your cannabis plants get with proper greenhouse light deprivation. There are plenty of other manipulation tools included in advanced greenhouses. Some of them include climate control equipment like air conditioning, heaters, and humidifiers. Furthermore, other tools included in these advanced greenhouses are blocking of incoming light and provision of supplemental lighting to your cannabis plants.

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